Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coming Home

A little while ago I decided to make the jump from blogger to a larger blogging platform (where I decided to pay for a monthly blogging service). I was excited about the move and ready for a more professional blog to compliment my new Etsy business. I found myself at first blogging often but after awhile my pace stalled. I just felt busy or uninspired. The last week or so I have really thought as to why I would feel this way. I enjoy blogging - although I have been a bit absent since my son was born (babies are distracting!). It finally hit me. That blog didn't suit me. It didn't have these memories and posts. It was too structured and streamlined. I felt like my photography had to be of a certain standard and my posts had to be of this unobtainable quality. After some thought I am happy to return to the blogger platform.

It feels as though I'm putting on a cozy pair of yoga pants with a cup of tea in hand.

Here's to documenting more memories. And keeping things a little less structured. 

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