Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nature Table


Autumn begins in just a few days. I can already feel our busy summer schedule slowing down. I look forward to the days ahead where we can once more wear layers and enjoy warm bowls of soup. After a summer spent outdoors I felt surprisingly disconnected from nature. Perhaps it was all of the concrete water parks or the many drives to get to our outdoor adventures. Yesterday we slowed things down and took a nature walk. Ethan helped me collect leaves and wild flowers (dandelions and clover) to help decorate our first nature table. This time of year feels so different from years past. Ethan is now almost 17 months and is starting to understand much more about the world around him. I feel intoxicated at the thought of introducing him to autumn!



  1. So sweet I love the cut carrot!! Love it all!!!

  2. I love your little nature table!!!! So sweet!