Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilting Love.

A little while ago I posted about a quilt that I was starting work on using this tutorial from a cuppa and a catch up.  I loved how easy and fun the process looked. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) when I began the quilt my sewing machine went kaput. I visited a locally owned sewing machine shop and fell madly in love with a very pricy but beautiful sewing machine. Before I knew it the machine (thankfully last years model so it was discounted) was on my kitchen table and ready to quilt. I still shudder thinking about the cost of the machine, however I try to see it as an investment for me and my family. I am a gal that loves to get her sew on. I made the quilt using various fabrics from my local Fabricland - nothing too fancy just nice quilters cotton. I also made the binding on the quilt (my first time ever doing this) - and I am sold on forever more making my own binding. The binding is soft (because it's made from the same cotton used in the quilt) - and it is much more homey looking then store bought. Sure making binding is labor intensive, however I think it's worth the results when you think about how much work you put into the quilt itself. As for what I learned during the making of this quilt? I really dislike sinthetic polyester batting or lining. I've only ever used cotton batting and this time I chose polyester. I can tell by feeling the quilt it just isn't the same - I also had problems with the batting shifting and morphing into weird shapes when I was quilting. Oh well lesson learned. On the back (or front, whichever way you look at it) of the quilt I made three Dresden Plate's using this tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew! I've used that tutorial before for Dresden's and I really love the way the quilt blocks turn out.

Gosh I'm sad to see this little throw quilt go - the bright spring fabrics make me so happy! The quilt is going to a good home though - it's all ready for my Mother in Law's birthday this early May.

Up next on my sewing to-do list is this interesting looking playmat tutorial from Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock via the Moda Bakeshop. I think the play mat will be perfect for our little babe (who is set to arrive any day now!).

I ordered some fabulous fabric off Etsy a little while ago (which was mostly Moda fabric by coincidence) and I spent today cutting out oodles and oodles of circles by hand for the play mat.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! We have fun plans tonight for my beau's birthday - staying in with a bit of barbequing and I made a yummy cheesecake which I'm sure will be devoured.


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