Sunday, April 4, 2010

And then there was fondant.

Fondant: Intimidating, messy, sticky and delicious.

I am officially a fondant believer. I attempted making Marshmallow Fondant ( for the first time today. I've never had fondant before, and never worked with it before. My tips for making this fondant in the future would be to use the spreadable marshmallow product (I think it's sold in the baking isle) and use an electric mixer with the dough hook on. This was a pain in the but to kneed and to roll out, I really think an electric mixer would make this recipe a breeze. With the fondant recipe I used a basic buttercream to slather a crumb layer on which adheres the fondant really nicely to the cake. For the cake I used a white organic cake mix (I know, I'm guilty.. but I was making fondant and wanted to save time) to make four layers. I made two lemon (with zest and juice) and added chopped strawberries to the other layers.

Crumb layer:

I did have one slight problem. I trimmed the bottom fondant a little too short so I had this gap in between:

The last thing I want to say is this fondant is really delicious. This recipe will dispel any notion that fondant isn't a tasty treat.

Kitty agrees! Mmm fondant!

...just kidding, Kitty doesn't eat people food. But I sure do!


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  1. It would be adorable for like a baby girl's first birthday cake too! I can see it with 1 lit candle in the middle. Very cute.