Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A french press and H&M.

I love treats. I believe treating yourself every once in awhile is a great way to pick yourself up, or just to feel special. I don't think treats have to be stuff, treats can be just taking a minute and spending time with the ones you love or stopping to snuggle with your zoo at home for just a few minutes longer. My recent treats have been in the form of stuff, and I'm inspired to share. Especially because my zoo is snuggled next to me (kit on the left and pup on the right) and I can't exactly move for another 20 or so minutes for fear of waking them.

First the french press. On a recent trip to Ikea with my best bud (blog pimp, click Reckless Bliss on the right hand side to see her wonderful blog) she spotted a french press that she knew I'd been craving. The price (only 9.99) had me at hello. I've had the press for not even a week now and have used it quite a few times. I have to say that the coffee that a french press makes is some of the best I've tasted, and the best that I've made at home. It's clean and smooth. The thought of it gives me goosebumps. For a gal that drinks decaf, finding a great cup of coffee at home is a beautiful thing.

I decided a few days ago to try making tea (using tea leaves) in the press. My tea leaves are a type of black tea. I can't remember the exact name of them. The taste is like a nuttier, fuller English breakfast.

I generally use one of these to make tea via leaves:

They are adorable but do let through a lot of the leaves which makes for the undesirable sludge at the bottom of the cup. The french press almost eliminates this, I only have found a few tiny specks in the bottom of my cup.

Now, without further delay, the press:


Hello lover:

Let me introduce you to pottery barn cup. Pottery Barn cup meet everyone. In March Reckless Bliss and I went to PB and Restoration Hardware for her birthday. It was a really, really fun trip and I think it may become a tradition for us, I'm considering requesting the trip for my birthday coming up in May. These stores are a real treat. They are expensive, for the most part out of my current financial reach, but they are wonderful spaces where you can really dream. And drool. If you aren't obsessed with cute little bird cups and gorgeous sheet sets then these stores will bore you to death. For those that are obsessed with beautiful linens and little bird cups they will envelop you and eat you whole.

Moving on...

Add some brown sugar to your favorite cup. It might look like too much brown sugar but this mug is huge, and I fluffed up the brown sugar. When I add brown sugar to warm delicious beverages I find no other flavor enhancer, such as vanilla or cinnamon is needed. The sweet maple flavor is perfect.

Just about now things should be all steeped:

I just love that color. I didn't have great lighting in my house today that's why all the photos in my kitchen look a little dark and dreary.

And done... I would have frothed some milk and added that but the batteries in my frother are dead. Oh well, this was still perfection...

Steamy perfection.

Right.. moving on. Yesterday Reckless Bliss scooped me up and we went to this really nice outdoor mall that is pretty close to where I live. We visited a few stores and among them was H&M. I have only briefly been in this store before and never purchased anything, I think we were both H&M newbies. My goodness I have been missing out. Reasons why I love this store...
1. No pushy sales associates, like none whatsoever. I don't think they are on commission so you are left to shop alone.
2. Amazing prices. Amazing. I used to work in retail at a middle priced store and these prices I believe were better even with my discount at the other.
3. Great fitting rooms. Mirrors inside. A nice 360 swivel mirror.
I could go on...

This store reminds me of what Old Navy used to be like maybe 8 years ago. I also found some great buys:


I think this would be used for a cosmetics bag but I scooped it up for a new pencil case. I just love this detail:

Wonderful cardigan on sale for 15$:

And the best buy of the trip: a really cute summer jacket. It was actually in the mens area of the store.. but as Barry pointed out to me later on in the evening it is double breasted. Not many men wear double breasted jackets. I like that it is a little masculine and a little feminine.

My favorite part about the jacket I think is the pockets. They are perfection:

This concludes the longest blog post ever.

Reckless Bliss I'm hinting at you posting about your buys. The world has to see the adorable jewelry you scooped up!

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  1. I broke my necklace I got today and I never even got a chance to wear it! It was disastrous but it's a good excuse to go back asap. You'll laugh when I tell you how I busted it. It involves a literal explosion. Remind me to show you how to link my name to my blog when you mention me, it's super simple.