Monday, April 12, 2010

This needs few words:


My new favorite everything. Avocado.



scrambled egg and parmesan


(salsa + the yummy avocado)

Here's the icing:


Okay I'll stop procrastinating now.


  1. Oh, Amber! This looks LOVELY! Are you almost finished school so that you can enjoy your beau, your home, and your beautiful puppy soon -- and, of course, cook up a storm? You are such an inspiration! I tried my hand at Chinese food last night. Quite fun, very time consuming, and surprisingly yummy! :D

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I haven't been on AR in forever I miss chatting with everyone on there. I'm almost done the semester and I'm looking forward to summer, the weather is starting to warm up! You still going gluten free?

  3. I am so glad your summer break is approaching. You deserve it! I was gluten-free until Saturday when I grabbed a previously safe chocolate bar for quick sugar while grocery shopping -- was sick by the time I got home. Wracked my brain thinking what I could have eaten ... Hubby said "What about the chocolate bar?" I was adamant! I LOVE this chocolate bar, but checked the ingredients. Sure enough, they have added Barley Malt Extract! Not a lot for people with normal systems, but enough to make me sick. (Three days later, I am still shaking off the effects. Just not worth it.) I have to make EVERYTHING from scratch to know that it's safe. I just have to arrange my time first. *lol* It's been busy here with Hubby's doctors' appointments. So, I go on AR just to check for recipes! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't! Just like being gluten-free :D! Each day is a new day. I am glad school is almost finished for you. You must be so relieved! Give Charlotte a hug for me. :D I am glad we're in touch!