Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brown Sugar

I love brown sugar.
The qualities I love about brown sugar are (in no particular order):
Color, it's such a lovely color.
Depth of flavor - go ahead try it in your tea or coffee instead of white sugar, you will love it.
The way it tastes in a good cookie recipe. So decadent.
Versatility, sweet, savory, brown sugar always brings the flavor.
Oh, I could go on.

My love of brown sugar inspired this soap:

I am madly in love with this soap. I'm debating leaving all of my Tea inspired soaps, and running away with this one. Instead of using a traditional soap mold I cleaned an empty cream container and used it instead. I love the way the bottom of the container made the soap look, such a lovely imprint.

The Brown Sugar Goat's Milk Bar.


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  1. That soap looks lovely, and your description makes it sounds absolutely delectable! :) I definitely love brown sugar, I may have to try yours out...