Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fratelli Bakery

Sometimes I wish I were a size 0. Or I'd even take like a size 3-4.

But then I remember I'm 5'7. And that I come from a long lineage of Amazonian type women.
Who eat size 0's for breakfast.

I also remember, when gazing wishfully at lovely petite clothing that-
I love carbohydrates. And sugar. And butter.

Seriously, have you ever had real butter slathered on a warm piece of bread?

Enter Fratelli Bakery. About a year ago my beau brought me home eclairs from this bakery. Don't get me wrong, I like an eclair now and again but they really aren't my thing so the bakery at the time was not memorable for me.
So last night he proudly brings home this box of treats for me.

And I open it.

Cheesecake heaven.

This cake. I will have dreams about this cake forever. It has a wonderful amaretto flavor with a pinch of pistachio. It is so light and fluffy, the texture is divine.

And the finale. Nanaimo Bars from heaven.

Hello, lover.

I feel a bit bad as this Nanaimo bar was my beau's. And when he arrives home tonight it likely will not still be around to greet him.

Here's the bakery's website. If you live locally (Vancouver, B.C.) - go check them out.
The beau brought home 6 of these treats, 2 of each the Pistachio cake, Nanaimo bars and of course the Cheesecake heaven wee cakes and the total for everything was 15$. I'm a gal that loves amazing treats on the cheap.


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  1. hello :) A girl after my own heart...I am a total sweet junky!