Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lavender Oil DIY

I love Lavender.

In soap making Lavender is a coveted scent by many. In M&P soap making Lavender buds turn brown, I haven't yet tried using Lavender buds in CP soap making but I expect the buds would also discolor. I have had a pretty large bag of Lavender buds for awhile now and was pleased to find a useful project that incorporated them.

What you'll need
Lavender Buds
Olive/Grapeseed or Almond Oil, any of these would work. I used Grapeseed Oil
A glass mason jar (plastic container with a fitting lid would work also)

Place however much Lavender you want in the bottom of your mason jar. Feel free to crush it up to increase the scent. Cover the buds with as much oil as you wish to produce. That's it!
The buds need to steep in the oil for several weeks or up to a month depending on the depth of scent you desire. Every few days (or whenever you remember) give the jar a good shake or stir. You can also strain out the old buds and add new ones every few weeks to increase the scent.

Possible uses for this oil include:
Soap making, pour a bit in your bath for an intoxicating soak, use in an oil diffuser, use as a massage oil or apply just a tiny bit to your wrists for a natural light perfume.

I intend on using this oil in some CP soap. I will update in a week or so on how my Lavender Oil is doing! Hope you enjoyed another post including my wonderful orange counter tops:)

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