Monday, March 7, 2011

Almond Rebatch Soap

Rebatch soap is also known as French Milled Soap or Hand Milled Soap. The process of rebatching is essentially taking pre made soap (preferably handmade) and grating it like cheese. After you grate the soap you place it covered in a double boiler and wait, and wait. The soap melts down into a thick consistency which then can be put into molds. Rebatch soap is great because the soap has gone through a second curing after being rebatched which produces a very long lasting hard bar. Because no lye is handled in the process fragrances or essential oils also hold up better in the soap.

Sunday I made some Almond Rebatch Soap. I used all natural Castile Handmade Cold Process Soap and some Goat's Milk Cold Process Soap. I also used some all natural Bitter Almond Oil that smells amazing and some freshly ground almonds for a soft exfoliant. This soap turned out very natural looking to me, which I love and smells amazing.

Grated soap all ready to go. My kitchen is very dark so the pictures wont be as lovely as I'd like them to be.

2 hours later:

Crushed Almonds. Mmmm.

Into the soap mold. Will be blogging about the lovely home made wooden mold later.

24 hours later:
I love all the detail in the soap - the small bits of leftover grated soap that didn't melt down and the wonderful almond bits. This bar of soap smells divine, I'm so excited to try it out!


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