Saturday, March 26, 2011

DIY Pillow!

My inspiration came from Pottery Barn's Textured Linen Pillow Covers. I love the clean design and wooden buttons.

(Image Source Pottery Barn)

Here's a how to on my pillow cover.
A forewarning. I don't measure. Or press fabrics nicely. Or use patterns.
You'll need,
Buttons (I used some vintage wooden buttons)
A nice linen fabric. I used a thicker fabric that I got on sale for 2$ a metre. It kind of looks like burlap but feels softer.
Matching thread
Pillow filling

Start off by cutting out a square. Go by what size your other throw pillows are and add 1'' for seam allowance. I made two pillows so everything is doubled.

Using this square as a template now cut another square but make it an inch or so longer. Where did that shadow come from?

On the piece that is slightly longer make a fold a few inches down.

Go ahead and stitch that fold down.
Now take your front piece and back piece and pin together.

Stitch along the edges. Leave a small amount open at the bottom for right siding and stuffing.

Using the open pocket right side the pillow case.

Stitch your button on now.

Stuff your pillow!

Now pin the hole closed. You can machine sew this closed or do a quick slip stitch.
And sit back now and enjoy your lovely pillow! My total cost was only about 2$ for the fabric as I had everything else already!


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  1. I adore this! I don't like to measure either. :) I featured this post in my pillow makeover roundup at Nest Candy!