Monday, April 18, 2011

40th post! And cheesecake!

Very excited to say this is my 40th post!

I also have a recipe to share, which makes me happy as I haven't shared one in awhile. Today is my darling beau's birthday. I made him homemade macaroni and cheese and cast iron blackened chicken for dinner, needless to say he was happy. I also tracked down this recipe for a no bake cheesecake that his mom makes every time we go over to visit for dinner. I love how nostalgic he is for this recipe, and it made me happy to surprise him with it after a long day at work.

A side note this recipe is more assembling then baking.

1 dream pouch of dream whip (it has to be dream whip, don't ask me why)
1 brick of cream cheese (room temperature)
1 cup of icing sugar
1 pre made graham cracker crust (if you want to get all fancy you can make one)

I like to whisk my icing sugar prior to using it in a recipe to get out lumps.

Step 1
Make dream whip using packet instructions. (I used a wire wisk attachment for the dream whip portion, and a paddle attachment for the cream cheese part of the recipe).

When you get fluffy peaks transfer mixture into another bowl. Or if you have two mixing bowls just rotate and use a new bowl.

Drop in your cream cheese and whip until it gets a little fluffy. Add icing sugar and whip some more until combined.

Once your cream cheese mixture has come together (no lumps!) gently fold in your fluffy dream whip.

Pour into your crust. I love the way packaged crusts look, so perfect.

Now this next part is optional, but I took a little of my beau's favorite chocolate,

and grated a bit for on top! Chill the cheesecake for a few hours before serving. This cheesecake will be quite fluffy and not as firm as a regular cheesecake.

He was excited to see the cheesecake when he got home from work, and perhaps more excited to dive in after dinner!

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