Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Warmest Easter wishes! I just put a 19lb turkey in the oven, I anticipate my house will be smelling wonderful in an hour or so! We are hosting Easter dinner this year and I'm looking forward to some good family and good food.

I am delighted that spring finally feels like it has arrived to the Vancouver area. We have enjoyed several lovely sunny days and this morning is no exception. There is something about a crisp sunny morning that makes me feel so deeply inspired about life.

Yesterday I planted a flower garden by our front entrance which has enhanced my spring-y nostalgia. I planted some dahlia's, pansies and some hyacinth. I am most excited about the hyacinth, I've always wanted to grow it but they are a little expensive. I can't wait until they bloom.

I potted the hyacinths in preparation for when we eventually move (and buy a place!) so I can easily save them and bring them with us.

I love the little pansies in the bottom of this picture. Pansies are so sweet and grow well here. When I was younger and living at home my dad would always let me pick out pansies to plant in the front garden. I have such fond memories of us packing up in his truck and going to the local nursery to pick out my pansies. I found a flat of pansies at my local nursery for $8, a good find!

The little garden, complete with gas meter!

Hello pug in the window!

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  1. How fun!! Definitely looks like Spring at your house... Happy Easter!!