Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stenciling Breakdown

Some of my experiences stenciling a large wall.

The before photo:

I started in the left hand corner. Why? I liked the sitting portion of stenciling.

Use good painters tape to hold your stencil in place. Rinse the stencil off in hot soapy water every so often to make sure the whole image is getting stenciled. I staggered my image to make it look more interesting.

Lastly, have time. It took me about three hours to complete this project. I does however look very fun and an interesting way to take up a large amount of space.
My beau has decided he loves the space, which of course makes me happy <3


  1. Wow, you're wall is absolutely beautiful! Awesome job! (This is KCRovensky from etsy/twitter :-D )

  2. Thank you! Nice to see you, thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Finally I can comment, it wouldn't let me for the longest time. Dunno why. Your blog keeps changing, I like this new one too. You used I'm guessing? I could use some inspiration ideas to nail down my logo thingy. I like that little signature thing at the end too, how'd you do that?

  4. Nevermind, found the signature thingy lol. Really neat. I also just realized you mentioned me on Twitter, I clicked on the @mentions thing and there was like 10 people talking to me. Why doesn't it tell me when someone does, I don't get it. I'm so bad at twittering or tweeting or whatever, I need to learn the ropes lol.

  5. I used background fairy for the linen backdrop and used some of her clip art in photo shop to make the header and the button! I linked to her on the side under my twitter feed. I love her vintage clip art, it's lovely! She has some lovely Hydrangea clip art that always reminds me of you! I remember you telling me how difficult coding/doing html is and I agree - it took me hours to make my button lol! And format all the colors in my blog to my liking:D I usually use a template for the blog not make components and put them together.
    The signature is really neat. You can format it into the blog post so it shows up every time you write an entry. I retweet all of your twitter tweets lol, oh technology!