Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Busy Gardening Weekend

Monday is almost upon us, and for me that means I have to go back to work. Sometimes I wish every day was a weekend, but I know going to work during the week makes me even more thankful for sacred weekend days.

I spent this weekend shopping with friends and gardening. My best gal pal and I went to Anthropologie. It was both of our first times there and I do have to say it was an experience. I took some photographs on my Iphone and I will likely share them later in the week.

I completed a small project in my garden I've been meaning to get to for awhile. The ground around my rain barrel gets very muddy in the summer and it drives me crazy. I decided to put down some wood mulch to prevent this problem this summer. It was an inexpensive project and I'm happy I finally completed the project.

Here is the area before.

And dug out a little later on.

This project was a good opportunity to use my gardening wheel barrow.

I used this packaged mulch block for the area. The block is 6$ and covers 2 feet of area. I used this mulch last year to make pathways in my garden beds and it worked wonderfully.

With just a bit of water added this baby plumps up.

And up!

I love that this wheel barrow pops down like this,

Here is the area all mulched in.

I think the mulch is going to work very well keeping the area mud free. The wood chips absorb extra water nicely.

I also planted some potatoes while out in the garden. I'm a little concerned as the area is pretty rocky. I think once the plants start growing I will mound lots of dirt on top so the potatoes grow up, and not as much in the rocks.

I don't plant potatoes by seed, instead I take some nice organic Canadian potatoes and let them grow eyes.

Then I dig some nice holes, not too deep as I will be mounding dirt on top.

And toss some potatoes in.

Then cover those babies up! I will update with pictures once these guys start growing. This is how I started my potatoes last year and I had great success. It's amazing how many potatoes you can get from just one potato thrown into the garden.

Have a wonderful start to the week.


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