Friday, May 20, 2011

A Pause In the Pastel

Happy Friday!

I do feel like lately I've had a majority of inspiration posts.

Next week I am planning on getting started on a new DIY project - it involves tracking down new glass drawer pulls like these,

Hopefully I can find some this weekend and not have to purchase online and pay shipping.

My Friday inspiration comes from this website called Livet Hemma. The site (from the looks of things) is run by Ikea. The website isn't in English but I just popped it into Google Translate and viola! I can understand it!

I came across this beautiful post titled A Pause in the Pastel. I adore the text as well as the delicate photographs.

Here is an excerpt,

"Bright colors, crisp white and delicate pastels gives peace and tranquility in your bedroom and invites you to sweet dreams. Färska rosor i ljusrosa och vitt doftar ljuvligt och skapar dessutom syrerik luft i rummet. Fresh roses in light pink and white smells lovely and creates oxygen-rich air in the room.

...The vitsåpade hardwood floors and white walls provide an airy feeling in a small bedroom and is easy to decorate and transform with the help of textiles.

...Carpet Åborg with long pile is soft and comfortable to put your feet on while it has a sound dampening effect... All soft pillows, fluffy blankets and textiles provides a cozy atmosphere and makes you want to stay in bed a little longer."

I love that the translation is a little broken, it adds to the romantic feel I get from this space. I encourage you to check out Livet Hemma.

I love that I can actually buy everything used to design this space - and the items are at great Ikea prices.

I have been eyeing the Ofelia - the white fluffy throw blanket on the bed for ages now. I'm considering purchasing it for a fun summer throw. I didn't know it was only 24.99 either, not a bad price!


I may also need to pick up Sockerart (9.99), the lovely vase they also used.

Have a wonderful long weekend!


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