Monday, July 11, 2011

This Weekend

We went to Ikea with friends and I bought the fancy white quilt pictured above. I love layering fabrics and different blankets.
I made a big batch of chicken stock from scratch. My house smelled like soup.
We ran errands. There was a lot of driving involved but it felt successful to get it done.
I watched movies. Something like 6 movies. 4 movies alone yesterday. I haven't done that in years.
I made some cute felt food. I was inspired by adorable felt food from Etsy.

Here is my salad,

We also visited my landlords beautiful farm. He pulled potatoes right from the earth and tossed them in a bag for us. He also pulled up some onions and dill for us.

I cant wait to roast these babies up this week.

Otherwise I was in my sweatpants most of the weekend. It was lovely and relaxing. I just started a big pot of Chicken and Rice soup (recipe, Nourishing Traditions). I think a delicious soup for dinner will be the perfect way to start the week.

How was your weekend?



  1. The closest ikea is 8 hours away...I'm super jealous!

  2. I am so seriously in love with your bed frame... GORGEOUS!!!

  3. I love and want your felt salad but i have a feeling my cats would love it too! lol


  4. Ikea is so much fun! It's too bad theolivetree yours is so far away.
    Holli I love my bed frame too! It's from Ikea, I bought it when I was 16 with money from my first job!
    Lex the pug was sniffing at them, she would love to play with the felt salad I'm sure :D