Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few thoughts

Happy Tuesday! I am thus far enjoying my summer vacation immensely. Today I cleaned out our office/my sewing space and worked in the back yard. I also spray painted oodles of things that have been on my list to do. I'm mostly using Krylon Glossy White however I stumbled upon this lovely color today and had to grab a can.

Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze.

I painted a few knick knacks in this color and a clock that I've been meaning to makeover for awhile. I can't wait to post pics soon. I did forget to take before photographs, however I'm sure the afters pictures will be just as fun.

Speaking of lovely blue/teal summery colors I just painted my toes in this lovely nail polish.

The color is Read my Palm by OPI. I bought it last summer from Sephora and am still loving the vintage feel I get from wearing it.

Gosh, isn't this just the loveliest looking treat?

Lastly I've been thinking about floor lamps a lot lately. Kind of random I think. I want one with glass used in it someway, or a glass looking acrylic. Maybe something like this?


Or maybe this one? It's just a bit simpler.


This entry was a whole lot of randomness! I hope your start to the week has been wonderful.


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