Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Summer Quilt

I mentioned my summer quilt project here and here and even here. I spent a few days cutting out about 200 of the white squares that I needed for the project. I already had my lovely contrast fabric details that were pre cut for me that I bought together.

Work has finally begun on the quilt blocks. I've made 20 or so and have only about 6 more to go.

I've made the quilt so far with frugality in mind. I spent 12$ on the pack of beautiful fabric that I'm using for the middle of the block. The white fabric I was going to buy by the yard, but instead I opted to buy 2 Ikea white sheets and just cut them up. The two sheets totaled 8$. I also spent 6$ on the lovely vintage sheet which is behind the quilt blocks in the photograph. I'll be using that sheet for the backing of the quilt. So far my total is about 26$, and all I have left to buy is some batting for the middle. I'm hoping this will be relatively inexpensive.

I cant wait to share some photographs when the quilt is finished.

Are you working on something fun and creative?


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  1. LOVE IT! So if this goes well, can i commisison one from you? lol with matching pillowcase shams? :D