Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabric Love

Happy Sunday!
I hope your weekend was restful and rejuvinating. Our weekend felt very busy and rushed. I am hoping for an easy coming week.

Yesterday I went to a few fabric shops with my Mum. I have some sewing plans this summer and these lovely fabric pieces will certainly be used in them.

I loved this pattern so much. I think this fabric will become some cute pot holders or oven mitts.

This print was so fun and had a bit of a vintage feel to it. I haven't decided what it will become. Under this fabric is a lovely teal fabric that wouldn't photograph nicely (the print is rather light).

These next few fabrics are actually from Stampin' Up. I adore how feminine they look.

I purchased this lovely set for my summer quilt project. This set of fabrics is called Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think it's a fitting title for such lovely vintage prints.

Have a restful night tonight friends, tomorrow life begins once more.



  1. I really like the Breakfast At Tiffanys fabrics (the name doesn't hurt either) I've been in such a girly girl mind-frame lately for design and everything else. I foresee a very womanly bedroom in our future lol. I've been craving to go shopping for some fresh new clothes too. I'm so tired of everything I own, I wanna find some cute stuff and get a new look. I need clothes that make me feel purdy.

  2. I have also been into girly themed everything lately! I hope your bedroom is super girly :D You deserve a fun retreat! Clothes shopping is fun, maybe we should hit up H&M soon!