Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good For You Food

Lately I have been thinking a lot about good food, or whole foods. Foods that our grandparents ate. Mainly foods that don't require artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorants. I think eating well is a daily effort, and for the most part we can't be perfect. Without things like blended iced coffee drinks, slushies and the occasional burger with fries I would go crazy - these are my comfort foods. I am enjoying for the most part eating whole foods with as few processed elements as possible (and having an occasional cheat day in there too).

I feel a bit like a pioneer or amazon woman when I make meals all from scratch. The feeling is empowering. I can provide!

Potatoes Gratin from Nourishing Traditions page 409

Balsamic Carrot Salad page 194

Gosh I'm in love with this book. I've mentioned Nourishing Traditions a few times, but I really am in love with it. Nourishing Traditions is a cookbook (including over 600 recipes) as well as an encyclopedia of information on foods. There is a general emphasis within this book on eating as our families did 100 or more years ago - cutting down on the preservatives and artificial junk. The book does not however limit fat, instead it encourages the consumption of milk and cheese and butter! Oh gosh how I love butter. The book also encourages soaking grains (which we are now doing) as well as transitioning to a gluten free diet (which I can't do but we are making some efforts). I have learned so much by reading this book including so much new knowledge about probiotics and kefir grains. I love finding something truly inspiring and relate-able that I can apply to our lives.

I couldn't help but take a photo of my breakfast this morning. It was delicious and lovely.

Breakfast Soaked Oats (Nourishing Traditions) with chopped up dried apricot and ground flax seed with a side of sliced nectarine. Just what I need to start my day.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Mmm I love a juicy nectarine, it gets me so jazzed up. Peaches too but they're a lot of work to get the fuzzies off.
    What do you soak the oats in? Water? Is it like an over-night thing? I usually jump dump half my hot tea water into a bowl of instant maple and brown sugar quaker oats and that's my biggest effort to eat healthy for breakfast (it's usually done my last resort when I'm outta chocolate pop-tarts and froot loops)
    I've never heard of the book before, is it new?

    Talk to ya latas

    PS. lemme know when you can see your followers again. Mine are still MIA.

  2. I love a good nectarine too!
    I soak the oats over night in either milk or water. I think I'm going to get around to doing an actual blog post on them, but they are delicious! The book is quite a bit older but it is stuffed full of some really neat information.. I've been obsessed with it lately!