Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning

I awoke Saturday morning at about 6:50 am to the sound of pouring rain. We have had a bit of sunshine lately which made this downpour unexpected. Barry and I were up fairly late the night before and my bones were tired but I couldn't find anymore sleep. Does this ever happen to you? So with about 6 hours of sleep I crawled out of my warm bed and put on my rain coat. I ventured outside to take some rainy morning photographs. I have felt inspired lately to take more photographs, I'm forcing myself to learn how to use the manual mode on our camera and figure out how to use ISO and aperture.

My lovely rain barrel was overflowing.

Squash bloom sheltering itself from the rain.

After I dried off I came inside and made a cup of tea in one of my favorite mugs.

The house was silent for another 2 hours before anyone (including the pug) stirred from their slumber. I enjoyed the time alone.

How do you spend quiet mornings?

Have a wonderful Sunday.



  1. These are great photos... I loved the story you told with them of your day :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by :)