Monday, June 6, 2011

Tomato Sauce Love

I love tomato sauce. Most tomato sauces are simple, wholesome and delicious. Tomatoes are one of the few fruits/veggies that retain most of their vitamins and goodness through the canning process. That being said it is still delicious and a treat to occasionally make tomato sauce from scratch. This recipe was inspired by the Chunky Tomato Sauce recipe in Nourishing Traditions.

This recipe makes a double batch which will last two meals in our house. I would say it makes about 6-7 servings.

Tomatoes (I used 7)
Garlic (I used 3 large cloves)
Sea Salt 1 tsp
Pepper 3/4 tsp
4tbl balsamic vinegar
2tsp dried basil
optional, onion or other veggies




Throw in everything else and simmer for as long as you like. I went about 30-40 minutes.

The sauce takes a darker color from the balsamic vinegar.

You can serve as is or thin the mixture out a bit. I did this with my immersion blender.


Have a wonderful nourishing start to the week!

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  1. I love how tomato sauce makes the house smell. Gotta have french bread and roasted garlic too for dipping

  2. Mmmm yes my house smelled heavenly!

  3. Can't wait for our tomatoes to ripen! Your sauce looks yummy ;).