Monday, June 27, 2011

Beets Please!

I am a bit of seed hoarder. I have seeds as far back as three years now. I can never plant every seed in the packet, I always save 1 or 2 for my collection. This spring I had pretty much all the seeds I needed for my garden, I only purchased a few heirloom lettuce seeds and some sweet peas. I was on the lookout for awhile for beet seeds with no luck. Before Christmas I purchased some lovely seeds from the Etsy store Cubits for my Sister in law's gift. Cubits is a Canadian (yay) organic small seed business. I picked out a mixed beet seed packet from them. And because I live life dangerously I went with their mixed beet seeds featuring a mix of their organic beet seeds.

I was so pleased when they recently sprouted. I love that already I can tell there are at least three types of beets growing. I still have a few more seeds waiting to sprout!

A green topped beauty with a deep red bottom.

This lovely sprout has green leaves that turn to red with a deep red/purply base. Do you see the little bug under the leaf? I didn't notice that little guy when taking the photograph!

This gorgeous sprout in front is all purple/red with some green leaves on the bottom.

Lastly, not beet related but my leaf lettuce is looking splendid.

If you are gardening nerd I'm sure you can relate to the splendid feeling of the effort it takes to sow and water and care for little seedlings and have results. Makes my heart pitter patter.

Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!


  1. My tomato plants are exploding but I don't see any actual tomatoes which is a quandary. The coriander and mint are taking over too. I like that it's been so rainy cuz it means I can be lazy and miss watering them for a few days.

  2. I'm glad your tomatoes are exploding! Mine are doing well do. Have yours flowered yet? They might need a bit more warmth before they start producing. I love that you can grow herbs! I'm usually terrible with them and end up killing them.

  3. I know exactly how you feel! and the taste will be heaven!

  4. Yes I know they will be divine! I'm already dreaming of the different ways I want to use them.. yum! Thanks for stopping by, I truly adore your blog!