Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Sunday evening has arrived. I am pleased to say this is my last week at work and then I am on vacation. My excitement is bubbling.

This weekend I held a three week old newborn. Gosh it was lovely.
We played Mario Kart with friends, that game can be so addicting.
I went to the fabric store alone, which I always love doing and picked out a nice cotton print on sale. Just because it was Sunday.
I sewed for hours to realize I had done everything kind of wrong (there was a zipper fiasco). So now I need to buy a stitch ripper because I can't seem to find mine.
I consumed a grande Starbucks green tea frap.
I also had a delicious maple donut. Lots of treats this weekend!
There was some time spent in the garden lovingly weeding and watering. I also mounded up some soil for my potato plants. The picture at the top of this post is an Instagram photo of that.
We had some sunshine today so I hung a load of laundry on the line. I love the way my towels smell right now from the fresh breeze.

The pug and I also played in the grass for awhile. She'll chew on just about anything.

How was your weekend?

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