Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Usually my inspiration posts consist of photographs from glossy magazines or professional photographers. This week I thought I would share some inspiration from my own nest.

This laundry basket. I picked it up recently from the thrift store for 5$. I have survived with one laundry basket for years now. Last summer when hanging up clothes on the line I wished I had another basket as my other one is usually filled with clean laundry. It is going to be very handy to have another one in the chore line up.

This cactus. It is the first cactus I've ever owned, and my beau bought it for me for me which makes it even more special. It is planted in a beautiful vintage milk glass planter.

My bean plants are sprouting. Amazing and inspiring.

Broccoli plants are sprouting also.

My new fresh towels have been inspiring me lately. They are so soft and snuggly. Home.

This part of my front porch. Sometimes I hate how old and creaky the house is where we live. Moments like this I adore it. This was built by someones hands.

My new favorite mug from Anthropologie that I got last weekend during a fun outing with my best friend. Good memories and amazing friendship.

This week I have picked up and held this piece several times. It was made by my great aunt Dora when she was a little girl. She is in her 90's now. I remember the day I brought it home. Years ago she was downsizing her home to move to a smaller place and was going to throw it out. My heart broke at the the thought of this little guy going in the garbage. I wonder if she knows if I have it. I really need to visit her more.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm being inspired by gardening lately too. It felt like a pain at first but I continually buy more and more plants so I have more to do. We bought a ton of soil and wood today to make garden beds and I'm gonna load it up. I also got peony bulbs and some more herbs and tomato plants. It's been giving me something to fill my days with so I'm grateful for the backyard space and the kitty that keeps me company while I work. The lilac bush in my front yard is giving me really pretty flowers to put around my house too, they smell amazing and are my favorite color of purple. I'm gonna post some pics soon. Robyn also gave me this really awesome book all about different soups which I normally don't eat but they look delicious so it's inspiring too. You should check it out, you would like the pictures in it.

  2. I love a good soup book! I've been trying to make one soup a week. I'm so glad your garden is inspiring you lately. It is such a wonderful and private space.